The Hidden Message In OREO Cookies

The mysterious name, the strange symbols; what exactly is going on with this cookie?

OREO? One source claims “Oreo” to be rooted in a Greek word for “mound”, which the cookie is said to have once resembled, but I have been unable to find any such word that would fit to verify that.

In Jewish mysticism, each letter has symbolic meaning based upon its shape. In this ‘system’, “O” is an open, hungry mouth, “R” is an arm (the upper part bicep and the lower part forearm), and “E” is a hand, though admittedly missing a couple fingers. The “O” also neatly fits the shape of the cookie, forming a word that could easily be shorthand for “cookie, arm, hand, mouth”, a subtle suggestion to eat more (not that we really needed it).

Around the “OREO” centerpiece we find a strange symbol; an oval with a double-bar cross coming out of the top. This is an old alchemical symbol for ‘amalgam’, which is an interesting way to reference the black cookie/white icing mixture that is the crispy/creamy goodness of our beloved snack. The Templars were into alchemy, weren’t they?

There are 90 little hashmarks that make up the cookie edge. In the Memphis-Misraim system there are 90 degrees to be worked. Does the edging of the cookie really carry a coded message about ties to Egyptian Freemasonry or is it just chocolaty calories? Speaking of Egyptian connections, could Nabisco, the makers of Oreo cookies, have something sinister in its name? NABIS-CO? As in, Anubis, the hungry jackal-god of Egyptian mythology? Probably not. It’s a shortened form of NAtional BIScuit COmpany, right? Right.

Well, what about the twelve cross formée, favored symbol of Knights Templar and their alleged offspring, the Freemasons, which surround the name? Twelve is powerful in numerology (another pastime of occult artists), but according to the creator of the cookie’s design, William A. Turnier, there was no Masonic connection, although his father did happen to be a freemason.

That still doesn’t explain the inverted square and compass that sits underneath the Oreo symbol. Maybe I’m reaching here, but I’ve blasted through half a package of Double Stufs and I’m not slowing down now.

In fact, I’ll go as far as to suggest that the dot/dash pattern around the edge is actually morse code. E is a single dot, A is a dot dash, and T is a single dash. E-A-T all the way around the cookie. SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING AT IT’S VERY BEST!

I need some milk.

    • Eric Domeier
    • March 31st, 2013

    it’s 96 little hashmarks not 90, also the morse code is backwards or counter clockwise, but the thing you missed that I am most interested in is why is there a missing dot in the upper right corner, at about 2 oclock – look for it

    • Unfortunately, that picture isn’t an exact replica of an Oreo. Grab a package, count them up, and comment back. Thanks.

    • Jude
    • April 14th, 2013

    LOOOL… Oreo is definitely a masonic cookie. I covered it with the blood of Jesus. It won’t do any harm to me.

    • I usually just dip mine in milk, but whatever works.

      • Gordon
      • December 22nd, 2013

      How silly… just dont eat it … if you want to keep your mind, soul and body clean -_-

    • the only sane one
    • May 3rd, 2013

    thats interesting… how the illuminatti puts their symbolism every where. like thats their strategy, hiding in plain view. Something else I see… around the circle of twelve crosses there is a circle of dots. There is one missing, that makes 11 dots on the outside and 9 on the inside… 911 another classic alluminati symbol.

    • user1010010111010011
    • February 25th, 2014

    12 inverted squares around the center. There were 12 tribes of Israel, 13 with the big one in the middle perhaps 12 tribes of 1 freethinking race. Perhaps that’s just the name given to the first 12 tribes of men (not sure if there is any masonic relation there) there are four white dots missing, but only one of the missing four is on the outer side. Once again not sure what it could mean…

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